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Contrary to popular belief we understand that the majority of landlords are not millionaires! And that in fact your property investments are your livelihood and just one non-paying tenant can send your balance sheet into the red quickly. This is why Home evictions cc acts fast to resolve your case.

We make sure that the correct procedure is followed, and that no laws will be broken if we assist with your tenant problem.

(We follow a non-aggressive eviction process)



We do all the work, but you can decide the level of your involvement in the process. Some clients prefer to be present and some prefer not to be involved in the process at all.

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When we visit your tenant premises, the problematic tenant will be phoning the South African Police Services and we will present the necessary legal documentation and explain our circumstance’s to them and the reason why we are there.


We make sure that you can get your property back from the problematic tenant. Our goal is to assist you in getting your problematic tenant out of your property in approximately one week from start date.

We will handle all aspects of the eviction, from the first meeting to the handover of keys. We even help the tenant with transport to ensure that your property is vacated promptly.


We consider the job as finalised as soon as we hand over the keys to you and all of the tenant’s stuff is removed. They will not have any reason to return to the property.

More than 491 property owners trusted us to deliver results and regain control of their properties.

Clinton Ungerer

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