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Contrary to popular belief we understand that the majority of landlords are not millionaires! And that in fact your property investments are your livelihood and just one non-paying tenant can send your balance sheet into the red quickly. This is why Home Evictions cc acts fast to resolve your case.

We started this business 13 years ago because we felt at the time that problematic tenants had all the legal rights on their side and it did not matter what we did, we were on the wrong side of the law. They had all the rights and we would have to go to court.

We did just that and after numerous court cases and exorbitant lawyers’ fees, we were no closer than when we started the legal court proceeding’s 8 months prior. The lawyers were charging for every appearance they made, even if nothing happened in court that day.

After all the court cases, lawyers’ fees and endless meetings with the South African Police Services and Sheriff of the Court, we could not and would not take it any longer. The problematic tenants were staying rent-free on our property and we still had to pay the bond.

Realising problematic tenants were a big issue, every time I went to Court for my own problem tenant, whilst listening to complaints from other frustrated homeowners, I realised that there was a viable business opportunity where I can assist homeowners.

I did not expect the demand to be so overwhelming when we started assisting homeowners with getting their property back. As of now, we have assisted 435 homeowners got their property back at a lower cost compared to traditional court proceedings and in a fraction of the time compared to normal home eviction procedures.

Clinton Ungerer

Home Evictions cc


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